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The food and catering management system are popular in the food and beverage industry. Digitalizing the food business is possible with various restaurant catering software. These systems are designed to support the business with day to day operations, sales, and marketing. With the advanced features and integration options, food catering software also function for placing an order, tracking orders, kitchen planning, staff management, etc.

Importance of catering management software

The food catering management system or Catering ordering software is significant in the modern run of business. In today’s, market staying back active is possible only with the most convenient and fast order processing and customer management. Restaurant catering software implementation will help the business to save on time and also stimulate profit. By improving the bottom-line performance of the food business in all sectors, food catering software take care of one to all activities behind this business. With several features and functionalities, catering ordering software has become an integral part of today’s food businesses.

Catering ordering software suits the managerial and operational functions of various establishments that deal with the production and distribution of food and related products. The flexible and up-gradable software can get customized from the developers to match with the suitability of the business.

Cloud-based catering ordering software enables access from everywhere and improves efficiency. The complete processes involved in managing with orders, events, customers, production, product, and dispatches will get automated with this versatile software. Integration features of the features enable the organization to get linked with various third parties including accounting, payment gateways, etc.

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Features of food and Catering Management System

  •   Ordering & Invoicing
  •   Production & Delivery
  •   Payment Processing
  •   Client Management
  •   Event Management
  •   Cost Management
  •   Inventory Management
  •   Supply Management
  •   Kitchen Display System
  •   Order Calendar
  •   Product Management
  •   Online Shopping
  •   Quoting Solution
  •   Reporting
  •   Automation
  •   Integrations
  •   Barcode reader
  •   Bulk print

Benefits of restaurant catering software

  • Saves time

    Dealing with a business, where pampering the clients get on more priority, automated systems like food catering software plays a vital role. By automating the entire operations of the event management/restaurant or catering companies, these soft wares minimize the heavy manual interventions and grants the organization, a cost-effective performance.

  • Cut down the cost

    With systematic control and management of the entire activities in the business, restaurant catering software effectively monitors and analyses the financial performances. This helps the caterers to make cost-effective decisions on every operation.

  • Anywhere access

    Cloud-based catering systems allow the management to have access to the business from anywhere through any type of screens or gadgets.

  • Pleasing customer experience

    The best part of the catering software is the score on client management. Integrated functioning of this software enables the organization to have fare and straight forward dealings with customers. With fast and easy processing and dispatch of every placed order, the business gets appealing to customer satisfaction.

  • Storage of Data

    Day-to-day business data stored in the software provide a huge customer data, that could be further used for marketing and other purposes.

Catering Ordering Software is suitable for:

  •   Cafes & Restaurants, Corporate & Events Catering
  •   Meal Delivery & Recurring
  •   Franchises, Chains & QSR’s
  •   Food Manufacturers
  •   Bakery & Cakes
  •   Groceries
  •   Schools & Canteens
  •   Government & Military
  •   Health & Aged Care
  •   Butchers
  •   Seafood Businesses

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