Avoid unnecessary paper works- Try advanced e-billing software for the fast and accurate invoicing experience!! Automate the business with the most effective software solutions and ensure guaranteed performance. Meet the expert software developers and vendors in the industry at the exclusive software marketplace, a Software company. Get on with the best e-billing software and document management software suitable for any kind of business.

Why e-billing software and document management software?

E-billing software is used to invoice for the product or services purchased. By working in integration with other systems, these soft wares provide a strong and solid foundation for the user’s requirements. With effective managing and tracking of invoices, late payments, bill entry, payment methods, billing address, follow up, etc. Organizations usually deal with various documents and types of bills that have to be recorded and managed effectively for future performances. Document management software deals with all sort of documents, their storage and retrieval upon demand. Daily and monthly analysis of the data support the organizations with better and accurate performance.

ERP is an integration effort taken in the organization. Based on the type of industry and nature of work determines the extend of need on an ERP. This software is ideal for the better functioning of manufacturing companies, Financial establishments, Automobile industries etc

Significance of billing and document management software?

Billing software and document management software include various modules that will automate the operations of the establishment and enables the business to perform systematically.  This professional system will eliminate the errors or mistakes that may occur with the manual working by employees. These soft wares work to:

  •   Keep the accurate record of your customers and rates.
  •   Find out which of your customers are the most regular & profitable.
  •   Maintain the status of being paid or unpaid.
  •   Maintain payment details which are received from the customer.
  •   >Track the material receipts from the supplier.
  •   Track the material, present i.e. inventory in your company.
  •   Improve the efficiency of your office staff.

E-billing software and Document management software is suitable for Hotels, Restaurants, Lodge, Retail Shops, Shopping Malls, Contractor, Manufacturing, Trading, Hospitals, Juice Center, Real Estate Developer, Architect, Medical Shops, Builders, Mobile Shops and more.

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Major features of E-Billing Software

  •   Invoicing Features
  •   Billing & Payment Features
  •   Customer Relationship Management
  •   Additional Features
  •   Ease of Use
  •   Help & Support

Benefits of E-Billing Software

  •   Create professional-looking invoices
  •   E-mail invoicing provides efficiency
  •   Easy for customers
  •   Manage from estimates to invoices
  •   Never miss any bill
  •   Track expenses
  •   Control of time
  •   Provide daily, weekly and monthly financial overview
  •   Fast payment processing
  •   Information at fingertips
  •   Time tracking
  •   Work in integration

General Features of E-Billing and Document Management Software

  •   Invoice management
  •   Log-in
  •   Password security
  •   E-mail invoices
  •   Technical support
  •   Multiple user support
  •   Print support
  •   Customer databases management
  •   Product databases management

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