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Vehicle fleet management software or vehicle management software is an advanced software designed and developed to undertake core activities of any kind of fleet operations management. This system automates the entire functions via storing, processing, monitoring, controlling and reporting on in and out activities of the vehicles in the fleet. A perfect fleet tracking software is the need for current business time and facilitates various functions in a short time. Fleet software is widely used by companies and organizations making use of multiple vehicles as a part of their daily activities.

Fleet management software also functions as fleet tracking software and fleet maintenance software. With multiple integrated features, fleet software enables the organization with effective vehicle management, driver management, Incident management, tracking, controlling and more.

Key features of fleet tracking software

Vehicle inventory management

With complete database on vehicle fleet, this software support on tasks and events associated with different kinds of vehicles and manage with their functions, capacities, and availability.

Cost management

Fleet software helps the companies to have a perfect cost analysis on their fleet of vehicles and ensures the best of services.

Insurance management

Automated software will remind the company regarding the insurance due dates, payments and other related information.

Driver license management

Another major function of the vehicle fleet management software is that it manages with driver’s licenses, expiry date, renewals, etc.

Accidents, fines and other major incident management

With the improved and updated database, vehicle management software collects and update every information regarding the fines, penalties and apportioning cost to drivers.

Vehicle tracking

With the GPS integrated and advanced tracking features, fleet tracking software help the owners and clients to get updated status of the vehicle. This ensures the safety and also limits the unfortunate happenings.

Vehicle booking

With the advanced booking system, vehicle management software helps the company to quickly respond and process with bookings. This software also offers a comprehensive client management interface that will improve the satisfaction of clients.

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Functions of fleet maintenance software

  • Automates tasks
  • Provides real-time insights for better management of both drivers and vehicles
  • Connects and control vehicles
  • Ensures smart transportation
  • Improves driver safety
  • Guarantees consistent fleet performance
  • Reduces costs
  • Telematics
  • Alerts and notifications

Benefits of fleet maintenance management software

Fleet management software automate the entire business with cost effectiveness and highly functional performances. These software helps the business to be successful in the competitive market. With precise and accurate functions, every features incorporated in this advanced software benefit the organization in several ways.

  • Minimize laborious tasks that requires manual interventions
  • Cut down employee cost
  • Improved dispatching earns more satisfied clients
  • Automated fleet reports will increase the efficiency
  • Vehicle performances get improved as, proper maintenance and management is possible
  • Improved safety and reduces accidents
  • Facilitates financial advantages via insurance benefits
  • Client management system enhances the customer satisfaction

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