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The trading of commodities or services is not simple for the trader. Managing with inventory, sales, accounts and other procedures associated with trading business demand more workforce and time. To comply with the advanced technology and the latest innovations, digitalization, and implementation of software technology is happening across the global trading business. With the greatest performance parameters and functions, nowadays trading is simplified with the unique and cohesive trade management system software.

With the surge in the Global trade software in the market, traders are in a dilemma to choose the best. Trade management software can be chosen based on the nature of trading operations and the extent of the performance requirement. From the basic negotiations to complicated accounts and audit checks- everything is resolved with trade, management system software.
Software company incorporates every core activities of a general trading establishment with the best of functional features. Every requirement of the establishment is enabled in this versatile global trade software.

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Functional Areas of Trading Software

  •   Finance Management
  •   Inventory Management
  •   Cost Budget and Budgeting Control
  •   Local Purchase Order
  •   Import Purchase Order
  •   Supplier Analysis
  •   Estimation and Quotation Management
  •   Service & Maintenance Management
  •   Equipment Management
  •   Sales Management
  •   Fixed Assets Management
  •   Bank Reconciliation
  •   Taxation (VAT)
  •   HR (Personnel) Management
  •   Payroll Management

Specialities of our Global Trade Software

The software is designed and developed to provide a hassle-free trading experience to the users. This general trade management system software supports with all managerial and procedural activities involved in general trading establishments. With advanced functional areas for individual activities including purchase, inventory, sales, package, distribution, accounts, audits and many more; the trade management software exhibits intelligence at best. The sleek design and versatile performance of the software contribute the business with added advantages other than improved sales.

With the integration features and online updating, this global trade software supports the organization with productive marketing efforts too. The highly skilled software developing team works hard to deliver agility, flexibility, and productivity to the users with convenient and flawless performance. The following are the major features of our trade management software.

Advantages of Trading Management software

  • Keep the trading organized
  • Improved sales experience
  • Better customer management
  • Quick trading
  • More customers
  • Better inventory control
  • Saves on time and cost
  • Hassle-free trading management

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Data Entry

Budget Control

Activity Logs

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