School Bus Tracking Software

Bus tracking software is a unique way to track and control the performances of the school bus. This innovative software technology work in real-time by enabling both school authorities and parents with accurate details on bus movements. With web-based and mobile-based applications, school bus transportation software sends and receives notifications and messages.

Daily commutes of school students are made effortlessly, with the multiple features of the school bus management software. Boarding in and out notifications, speed notifications, location information, etc., are available with this modern software. With Instant communication modules, parents get a hassle-free experience, as no more waits on the streets for their beloved ones!!

Why School bus management software is recommended?

With the heavy traffic on busy roads, reaching on a regular time may not be feasible for the school buses. It’s important for both the school administrators and parents, to have complete information and status of bus, as the prime concern is the safe journey and on-time arrival of students. With the busy roads, hectic traffic, or with any technical difficulties, buses may not follow regular time. If there is a proper communication system to manage this situation, loads of stress and dilemmas can be resolved. To have better control and management over the school buses on road, advanced software technology has developed multiple soft wares with exciting features. These are not only meant for effective management but also for ensuring the safety of the bus as well as the commuters.

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School bus management software is a cloud-based system that enables access from mobile and web applications.

Features of School bus management software

  • GPS integration
  • Live to track
  • Attendance system
  • Instant messages
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Traffic updates

Benefits of school bus transportation software

  • Improves safety and reduces accident rate
  • Improves parents’ satisfaction with instant communications
  • Encourages the bus drivers and matrons to work smart without stress
  • Cost-effective solution to have a fair bus monitoring and control
  • Highly good for schools with second party’s fleet of buses, as GPS tracking is only for the transportation provider
  • Provides peace of mind to parents
  • Helps in attendance management

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