Attend more on what your people do rather than when they come and go!!

Bring in the new time and attendance management system software to the organization to focus on the performance. This staff management software will support the organizations to track, monitor and optimize the reporting time, working hours and leave so as the remuneration calculation and payment are made easier to the employees. Attendance management software is highly demanded by the business of all types and sizes. Seamless approaches towards HR planning and payroll management can be attained easily with modern employee attendance management software.

Why business needs Staff Management Software?

In the modern, competitive business market, staff management software is an integral part of every organization. These soft wares improve the overall performance and efficiency of the establishment with systematic and integrated working. Attendance management software help to:

• Check-in/out through the web, mobile and within defined geographies
• Customize your attendance policies
• Integrate your attendance devices
• Regularize attendance
• Schedule and manage shifts
• Track the reporting and working hours
• Leave/Absence recording and management

The modern attendance management software with a cloud-based system allows the business owners or managers to access and control the system over a browser, and facilitate the management from anywhere through any device. This versatile feature of the new staff management software in the industry is adding more to productivity. With the key features to account for the Period of work, shift patterns, and leaves, this software helps the employees to follow a perfect compensation system. By facilitating better communication with integrated departments, staff management soft wares not only minimize the manual efforts but also improve productivity with a cost-effective approach.

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Features of Employee Attendance Management Software

  •   Tracking employee hours.
  •   Tracking wages paid.
  •   Automating payroll processes.
  •   Complying with government regulations.
  •   Ensuring that employees receive proper compensation for overtime.
  •   Minimizing errors in bookkeeping.
  •   Breaking down processes and events into tables, graphs, and charts.
  •   Integration with financial analytics, business intelligence, and human resources management systems.

Advantages of Employee Attendance Management Software

With systematic and automated procedures, Attendance management systems improve the accuracy in attendance recording and tracking

The integration feature of the attendance software will minimize the manual efforts of employees, spent on recording and managing every data related to the attendance of employees. Hence it boosts the productivity of the workforce

With no room for errors, these soft wares prevent payroll abuse and every kind of time fraud.

Allow the employees to plan and schedule their work, as they can check on their working hours, leave records, etc.

With accurate tracking and recording, these soft wares provide scalable service to organizations.

Real-time working enhances the overall performance of the organizations.

Staff management software helps to prevent absenteeism and fine-tune the attendance policy.

Saves on the cost by minimizing manual efforts required to record and monitor attendance and related details of employees.

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